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Masken und Schutzanzüge desinfizieren und wiederverwenden mit dem Maskpatron

Disinfect masks and personal protective equipment professionally for reuse - Made in Germany


Machine for disinfecting masks and protective equipment

50 Masken in 30 Minuten desinfizieren Maskpatron

50 N95 Sterilize masks within 30 minutes

Auch verfügbar für Schutzanzüge

Simple, safe and efficient

99.9999 percent germ kill rate = log6

Significantly safer than heat or UV light

Made in Germany

Short delivery times, plug & play capable


The innovative process with hydrogen peroxide. Sterilize 50 masks within 30 minutes

A joint development has resulted in the world's first professional mask sterilizer with H2O2 process for reuse of mouthguards and personal protective equipment.

Der MASKPATRON entstand während der Anfänge der Coronakrise in Deutschland und wurde gemeinschaftlich mit VMS- Maschinenbau GmbH und Krull Software & Automation GmbH entwickelt und vertrieben.

Masken sterilisieren

Atemschutz und Schutzanzüge PSA desinfizieren

You need a lot of personal protective equipment and masks? Ensure supply by sterilizing and reusing masks. Make yourself independent and avoid waste by using mass disposable products and masks 

Masken sterilisieren sicher

Safe reuse

In the mask sterilizer, up to 50 masks can be safely and efficiently disinfected for reuse within 30 minutes. The device ensures that the process runs smoothly and is as easy to use as a washing machine. The masks can be used again immediately. 

Masken desinfizieren h2o2 besser als uv-c

More effective than other methods

The Maskpatron uses peroxide to sterilize masks and protective equipment. This is also used in the food industry for safe disinfection. Unlike heat or UV-C, there are no shadows and places where no disinfection takes place. It works faster and requires less energy. 

How can masks be disinfected?

Process comparison

The known methods are compared here. The scientific data comes from N95DECON: a scientific consortium for the data-driven investigation of the decontamination of N95 respirators. Click on the individual procedures to go directly to the fact sheets of the organization. There you will also find all the details and other helpful information for reprocessing N95 protective masks. This work was also used by Stanford University in California.

UV-C radiation



  • UV-C light may not reach inner N95 layers for all N95 models
  • Elastic straps require additional chemical disinfection
  • Shadows can block UV-C rays & can leave parts of N95 contaminated
  • Each don/doff can reduce N95 fit;
  • some models fit unaccept
  • Some damage to N95 seen at high UV-C doses (≥120 J/cm )
  • Strap and facepiece damage seen on some N95 models after UV-C


    • ≥1.0 J/cm of UV-C inactivates viruses similar to SARS-CoV-2 on N95 FFRs
    • ≥1.0 J/cm of UV-C yields 2-log reduction of viable B. subtilis spores on N95 FFRs
    • N95 keeps fit and filter performance after 10-20 cycles of 1.0–1.2 J/cm UV-C

Quelle: https://www.n95decon.org

Hydrogen peroxide (Maskpatron)


  • Hydrogen peroxide inactivates SARSCoV-2 in all tested N95 mask types
  • Hydrogen peroxide inactivates viruses and highly resistant bacteria spores
  • Hydrogen peroxide vapor (Battelle) for up to 20 cycles does not degrade the filter quality or the belts for 3M 1860
  • Vaporized hydrogen peroxide (Steris) for up to 10 cycles does not affect the N95 filter quality


  • Hydrogen peroxide systems differ in dosage and effect
  • Hydrogen peroxide processes can be dangerous and require trained personnel

Quelle: https://www.n95decon.org

Heat & humidity



  • Under real conditions (e.g. saliva, droplets of mucus) higher temperatures, humidity or longer periods of time may be required.
  • SARS-CoV-2 NOT inactivated by 70 ° C dry heat for 30 minutes (on N95) and 60 minutes (on metal)
  • The method does NOT inactivate all bacteria or mold spores on N95
  • Each N95 model reacts differently to heat.
  • Many have not been tested with the above mentioned heating conditions
  • Repeated heat cycles can damage the seat and filtration of N95



  • 70°C dry heat for 60 minutes inactivated SARS-CoV-2 on N95 under laboratory conditions
  • 50-85% humidity improves the inactivation of the flu virus (non-CoV) on N95 and metal
  • Several 3M N95 models (1860, 8210, 8210+) keep fit and filter for several 30-minute cycles at 70-85°C and> 50% humidity
  • Many models (e.g. 3M 8200, 3M 8511) keep performance fit for several 30-minute cycles in 75°C dry heat

Quelle: https://www.n95decon.org


Arzikelvorschau Kampf dem Masken-Mangel

Schwäbische Post- Wirtschaft Regional

Fight the lack of masks

Corona virus Two entrepreneurs have developed a mobile device that sterilizes mouth masks and protective gear for reuse.

Released 07.04.2020

Wirtschaft Regional Haller Tagblatt

Process for the gentle sterilization of protective clothing

Prototype Sterilization Machine Prototype Report.

Released on April 25, 2020 Haller Tagblatt

wirtschaftregional artikel masken desinfizieren maschine

Regio Business Nr. 213 Südwestpresse

Transfer innovation brings reusable masks

Die Chefs von Marcel Krull Software & Automation GmbH und VMS Maschinenbau haben eine Anlage zur Sterilisation von Schutzausrüstung entwickelt. 

Erschienen Mai 2020



Take a look at SHA-TV's report on the prototype for mask sterilization.

Reuse masks

Additional information

DAZ.online News Spektrum BfArM: 30 Minuten bei 70 ...

BfArM: 30 minutes at 70 degrees is not enough for mask disinfection

On 24 April 2020, the media reported that the treatment recommended by the Federal Institute for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices (BfArm) is not sufficient for protective masks contaminated with coronavirus. Click here for the article.

bfs uVC Strahlung Covid

Bfs: Attention with UV-C radiation

UV-C radiation is harmful to humans. Basically it can kill viruses and bacteria on smooth surfaces, in the air and in water. On non-smooth surfaces there is a risk of shadow formation.

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