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Unite employee goals & performance, benefits, incentives and rewards in a single platform. Meet your goals quickly and economically while simultaneously increasing the job satisfaction of your employees.

Unsere Marke Incentivus ist ein innovatives digitales Belohnungsprogramm zur Mitarbeiterwertschätzung und Motivation von Krull Software & Automation GmbH.


Mit unserem modernen Anreizsystem können Unternehmen die Leistung Ihrer Mitarbeiter steigern, klare Ziele setzen und Wertschätzung zeigen – alles über eine benutzerfreundliche Mitarbeiter- App und das Mitarbeiter Portal. Dank anpassbarer Anreize, integriertem Sachprämienshop, transparenter Kommunikation und einem zeitgemäßen Belohnungssystem verbessert Incentivus die Mitarbeiterbindung und -Loyalität.

The fully integrated target management system with associated bonus and rewards program is perfectly tailored to the needs of companies and employees. In other words, the app bundles target agreements, performance, appreciation and bonus shop in simple functionality.

This specially developed tool will also make your company more successful. At the same time you create attractive employee offers and set your company apart from conventional benefit programs. In addition, you do not have to worry about anything. Both the benefits, offers and providers are handled by Incentivus for you.

No other provider bundles all these functionalities in one solution. Without installation and IT effort, the app is immediately available on all devices such as smartphones, tablets and of course on every computer.

Connect with your employees, managers and teams. This will give you an immediate overview of developments in your company. Likewise, you can see in real time how goals are reached faster and where managers need support. You also make your best employees visible and convey appreciation - automatically and fairly. Escape the dark side of daily business and manage your company securely and with foresight with INCENTIVUS.

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