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Industry 4.0 and digitization 

Service und Dienstleistungen


          We develop and program individual business software for the industry and of course act agile


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Für Unternehmen und Industrie 

Software development for the industry

Years of experience with cloud platforms and productive operation of our own products (such as Incentivus.de) on Microsoft Azure Cloud platforms, makes us your Cloud experts. We know the different services as well as their advantages and disadvantages, costs and maintainability.
Which services and providers for which purpose? We know the answer. We would also be happy to implement the recommendations ourselves. Quickly and effectively.

Examples of our services in the field of software development:

  • Computer programs according to customer requirements
  • Web portals and web applications for intranet or worldwide access
  • Databases for production data acquisition (BDE) or production data
  • Interfaces and connections to machines with SPS control
  • Industrial software, special development
  • Consulting and development support

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